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I have been crazy about fashion since I was a child. I’ve always thought that style is a way to communicate the world who you are. Your style can tell your feelings,your fears and your dreams. I graduated in Fashion Styling at teh Eeuropean Institute of Design. After that I worked in a great luxury department store for two years. One of my passions is to go shopping around my city Rome. I started diving fashion advises to my friends and I understood that shopping is the cure for a bad day, a reward for an achievement, a way to feel confident and a self-love declaration. I decided to tranfer my passion into my career, and I started my personal shopping adventure. I will listen to you and I will take care of your needs and your desires. I will guide you through the best boutiques in town and I will give you the best advises to elevate your personal style. We will work together as a team making your dreams come true: as John Galliano says “The joy of dressing is an art”.

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