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My name is Caterina Salerno and I am a passionate and innovative Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant. My diverse academic and work background are two of my most invaluable assets, as I strive to provide all my clients with the most comprehensive and tailored service possible. I am no one, if not a passionate woman who thrives to represent herself and her clients in the most clear and comprehensive way possible.
In 2006, I graduated as an architect from Università Federico II di Napoli in Naples, Italy. Some years later, I decided to pursue yet another one of my passions and enrolled in a three-year acting course at Teatro Azione in Rome. Ever since, I have been both dedicated and devoted to my newest and most cherished passion: fashion. After completing a Master’s program in Fashion Styling at Polimoda in Florence, Italy, I have spent most of my time focusing on both Fashion Design and Image Consulting. All of my endeavors have led me to acquire a wide variety of universal skills that render my services both unique and customer-specific. Art is without a doubt one of my greatest passions and I am truly fascinated by the sheer power of different artistic elements, such as body, movement, color, and shape. I also love beauty, however imperfect and unconventional it may be. Without a doubt, my goal is to find inner beauty and discover the personal identity of all of my subjects, as we are all unique and have something special to offer.
My approach is to highlight your beauty and your strengths, as well as your personal and defining characteristics, by finding the perfect shapes and colors to express your emotions. By doing so, I will bring your true uniqueness to light and be able harmonize it with all of the different colors and clothes you wear. Shapes and colors were ever present throughout my previous professional career as an architect, as was emotion an essential part of my time spent as an actress. Years later, these are all the same elements that continue to influence my creative process in Fashion Styling and Image Consulting. My goal is to combine my passions and experience by intertwining the disciplines of fashion, architecture, and theater.

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