La Dolce Cuisine

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Italian Vintage Cooking

La Dolce Cuisine

Experience the most glamorous culinary journey back in time with our unique vintage cooking class.

Inspired by iconic Italian cinema and cuisine, we will create for you and our friends the ideal experience as a professional Photographer captures every step of the journey. Get inspired with our expert Fashion Stylists and talented Hair & Makeup Artists as you create together the vintage look of your dreams. Once you’ve been transported to you favorite era of the past, our professional Chef will guide you through the cooking process and offer expert advice on some of the most delicious dishes of Italian cuisine. There are endless possibilities of exquisite recipes customized to your taste and every kind of food requirement.

Share with your friends exquisite flavors and timeless style in this private experience of gourmet gastronomy, fashion and photography to cherish for eras.

Private vintage cooking class
Professional Fashion Styling, Hair & Makeup services
Professional professional photography
Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegans options
Authentic Italian location
Duration : 4 hrs