The Finest Adornment

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Shoes & Bags Shopping

The Finest Adornment

Discover the luxury of Italy’s iconic fashion scene with our personalized shoes & bags shopping journey.

Tailor-made to your wishes, we will personalize the ultimate accessories shopping spree exclusively for you. With one of our professional Fashion Stylists or Personal Shoppers completely at your disposal, you will discover the most prestigious luxury boutiques, private showrooms and exclusive Italian ateliers, whilst enjoying first-class treatments.

For absolute exclusivity for our premium guests, we ensure boutique closures, after-hours openings or private sales at a location of your choice.

Let yourself be captivated by this sublime journey of style and Italian timeless quality, while finding the ideal complements to your outfits.

Shoes & bags shopping
Professional Fashion Stylists or Personal Shoppers
First-class treatments
Optional: VIP experience
Optional: Bespoke services