Moments of Sparkle

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Jewelry & Timepiece Shopping

Moments of Sparkle

Let yourself be captivated by this platinum experience of Italy’s world class jewelry.

We will create a custom-made journey through the most distinguished boutiques specialized in fine jewelry and premium watches. Your Jewelry Connoisseur will help you discover Florence’s 1000-year-old tradition of gold, as well as unique treasures with the finest precious stones and most exquisite design.

For absolute exclusivity for our premium guests, we ensure boutique closures, after-hours openings or private sales at confidential locations.

Be delighted by the hidden gems of Italian Jewelry in this journey of excellence, quality and treasures to keep for a lifetime.

Jewelry & timepiece shopping
Professional insight into jewelry and timepieces
First-class treatments
Optional: Bespoke jewelry making
Optional: VIP experience
Optional: Private Chauffeur and/or bodyguard