Undiscovered Renaissance

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Modern Florentine Arts Experience & Exclusive Garden Aperitivo

Undiscovered Renaissance

Live a unique experience of genuine art and discover the modern treasures of Florence.

Let us take you on a private journey of creativity and excellence where some of the most prestigious contemporary art houses of Florence will open their doors, exclusively for you. Our Heritage Specialist will guide you through museums, artisan workshops and artists’ ateliers that specialize in marvelous mosaics, leather craftsmanship, collecting of valuable history and bronze sculpting. For the ultimate Florentine touch, the tour will end with an exquisite aperitivo in the beautiful private garden of a modern gallery.

Enjoy the unique heritage of Florence through its world-class contemporary artistry.

Artistic walking tour
Exclusive atelier visits with Florentine artisans
First-class treatments
Optional: Bespoke art services
Optional: Private chauffeur