Makeup artist

Class 1992, born and raised in Rome, Italy, currently living in Milan, I always had  a strong connection with art, and I believe that “you can find true art in the smallest things in life.”During my highschool years, I discovered the beauty of makeup, when I first read a copy of Vogue, showing the last make up trends of  the New York fashion week. After high school graduation in Art and Architecture, I started studying make up artistry at REA Academy of Rome, where I  specialized in many make up techninques, such as: Beauty make-up, Bridal make-up, Fashion make-up, SFX and theatrical make-up and Body Painting. After that, I was able to have a lot of experiences in the fashion industry. I did fashion shows, I shoot books and campaigns, worked with many Italian celebrities and influencers and held make-up workshops for make-up artists to be, hairdressers, hostesses, and private clients. I also leaded the italian make-up team for Miss Italia 2013, and I currently work with famous italian brands such as PuroBio Cosmetics, Deborah Milano, Kiko Milano and many more. My passion is strong, and I’m always updated with the ultimate make up trends and beauty brands new launches in terms of make-up, but also skincare (which I loves too), because my motto is: “great make-up comes with a great skincare routine “.

Corinna’s Portfolio

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