Fashion Stylist

Since I was a teenager I’ve started to express the interest to everything related to our image and how clothes can affect on our behavior, self-confidence, everyday mood.At that time I was getting my first education as a clothing designer, so during 5 years I was making designs and sewing by myself the whole range of clothing for my friends and clients. During my life I’ve realized that in different periods of our life clothing and our image can be an effective tool of realizing our dreams, our desires, and goals. As an example:When we are focusing on professional development and creating our own career, there is need in more classical, conservative style. Romantic period, looking for love relationship  – feminin, romantic, lady-like style.So, my wish is: to create for my clients the image that can help them to achieve their current needs and plans. Or to build for men and women a functional, beautiful wardrobe that will cover every single step of their life. For this I talk to clients before starting any service.I want all of them to wake up in the morning, to dress up and feel themselves at their best and walk into the new day with the smile. Also for me is important that they don’t spend hours for searching the outfit. Every single garment makes a beautiful combination with others.

 Irina’s Portfolio

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